We are pleased to present a fascinating evening with Michelin star Chef Sascha Wolter and Chef Herbert Muller

For the connoisseurs of the fine and sophisticated cuisine, we will intertwine different tastes and aromas for a complete temptation. Our guests and our chef, Yancho Kirov, will surprise you with Conceptual Steak House de Luxe dishes.

The menu prepared for you is five-level, complemented by selected wines for connoisseurs of gastronomic pleasures.

We will begin with:

  1. House-cured salmon pastrami with grilled avocado, cucumber, exotic marinade and crispy chickpeas chips supplemented by Maryan White Cuvee Barrel Fermented, Maryan Winery, Bulgaria

The sequel is a true Michelin delight:

  1. Fish and chips deluxe with truffle fried potatoes in combination with Sense of Tears Rose, Maryan Winery, Bulgaria

And to refresh the experience, it will be followed by precisely prepared:

  1. Elderflower sorbet with mint

For our main dish, we have prepared a steak of Bulgarian organic beef from the “Bio Angus” farm.

  1. Bio beef tenderloin with roasted cauliflower, potato “Rosti” and aromatic “Salsa Verde” with garden spices.

    Company will do Maryan Reserva, Maryan Winery, Bulgaria

The grand finale is fine, perfect and sweet-salty with

  1. Salty milk chocolate mousse with caramel and stewed banana served with Sour cherry liqueur by traditional home recipe, Bulgaria

To make sure your place is reserved, please contact the restaurant at:

+359 885 11 11 80

Reservation will be subject to prepayment.

We are expecting you!